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HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY from the amazing, beautiful, badass leading ladies of Stranger Things to the amazing, beautiful, badass women in front of their screens!

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Destination Wedding (2018) dir. Victor Levin

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Look, we don’t make the rules. 

But this is a romantic comedy starring Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, and they’re both grumpy and hot, and not as young as they used to be (THIS IS A GOOD THING), and it’s called Destination Wedding (✈️💐🥂), and so we’re just going to have to be at the cinema on opening night, drool cups within easy reach, and VERY ready to thirst/swoon.

This has been a PSA.

PS: You can listen to the Keanu. episode of Thirst Aid Kit RIGHT HERE.

So cool. It looks funny, must watch!!!

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Do you always have to be filming everything?

No, no. Just the good stuff.

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Winona Ryder & Elizabeth Olsen Star in H&M Spring 2018 Collection Film (x)

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“via Giphy
They’re so cute


via Giphy

They’re so cute

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Winona Ryder’s and Elizabeth Olsen’s H&M commerical!!!

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Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder-1989

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Destination Wedding (2018)

“This is the slowest I’ve ever been carried”

“Oh dear God, be quiet.”

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Winona Ryder attends the Screen Actors Guild Awards,  January 21, 2018.

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Winona Ryder wearing pink: a study

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Winona Ryder’s and Elizabeth Olsen’s H&M commerical!!!

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Oh I hate that watermark BUT CONTENT, GUYS, CONTENT

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